Dnata and Emirates Turned Bacha Khan Airport Peshawar into Another BRT

On April 06 2019 some unfortunate incidents were observed at  departure gate when passengers were waiting for, Dubai bound flight EK637. A passenger being a Silver Card holder of Emirates, was extremely disappointed at his most recent experience with   Dnata and Emirates when he was pulled out from priority Que.  Passenger explained the rules and regulation to the same staff but instead of admitting his wrong doings, he not only misbehaved but threatened the passenger.


Dnata ground staff at Bacha Khan Airport Peshawar is busy in upgrading passengers to business class based on favoritism/linkages/friendships instead of class/distance/mileage/frequent flier category. In the same flight, passengers and Emirates Crew noticed that a ground staff entered and migrated one passenger from economy class to business. Passengers contacted senior crew on the same flight regarding that particular favoritism, crew member told he is not aware and suggested to log complaint against ground staff.

Following Questions arise:

  1. Emirates Silver/Gold/Platinum cards have no value?
  2. What is the difference between paid and unpaid business class passenger?
  3. Did emirates announce not to buy business class ticket and passengers will be upgraded complimentary to business class from the said airport?
  4. Are Dnata ground staff members involved in some backdoor corruptions?
  5. Instead paying to Emirates, passenger may directly contact Dnata staff for such pleasure?


These failures were compounded by Dnata employees who were curt, insensitive, and ineffective. We believe Uphigh Airlines needs to take full responsibility for the inconvenience passenger suffered due to their company’s inability and incompetency.