Women with Open eyes, KPK Teachers

British female ‘jihadist’ leaves her parents

Peshawar– A month after terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar, authorities have commenced special gun training sessions for female teachers in the city today as reported ONLINE.

Initially, eight teachers of Frontier College were given firearms training at Peshawar Police Line. The basic training emphasized how teachers should use the gun, as well as taking cover, before trying to shoot.

The theory is that if attackers target a school, they will face an armed response, rather than classrooms full of defenseless staff and children.

Some teachers have expressed confidence and said that weapons training will help them protect their students. The decision to train teachers was announced by the Inspector General of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa after the provincial government permitted them to keep weapons at the educational institutes.

Security of schools has been beefed up after December 16 attack on APS, that claimed lives of nearly 150 people, most of them children. Elevated boundary walls with steel wire fencing have also been put in place in schools across the country.