PTI Supports Pak Army , Mohammad Sarwar

PTI Supports Pak Army , Mohammad Sarwar

Lahore: Former governor Punjab & Senior Member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Mohammad Sarwar today said, “Pakistan has been through extraordinary challenges even before its independence from India reported by INP.

Confronted with intense security obstacles on various fronts, it is a prerequisite for Pakistan to devise a comprehensive detailed strategy to counter terrorism and smoke away terrorist from the country. Security stability acts as a vital factor in attracting foreign investment into the country.”

The former governor also expressed his optimism regarding the role of the Pakistan Army in getting rid of terrorism from the country. He stated; “I am very pleased to see a marked decrease in terrorist groups & activities in the tribal regions. The Army has portrayed the role of a strong knight fighting these criminal networks and eliminating their bases from home grounds. I salute the Army for their brave and courageous role in this war against terrorism.”

In a statement Sarwar said, “We need to understand that criminals are evolving continuously. Their development as terrorist groups has added further implications in Pakistan’s security calculus. However, the Pakistan Army has intellectually dealt with this criminal advancement. Without countering terrorism, no nation can enjoy the fruits of living in a harmony.”

The former governor also expressed his solidarity with the Pakistan Army. He asserted that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will always support the Army in this war against terrorism.  “It is our responsibility to protect the people of Pakistan from any terrorist act. The time is now to stand together as a unified force rather than watching the cold impact of violence take over our nation. The Zarb-e-Azab operation led by Gen. Raheel Sharif has proved that there is no room for any sort of criminals in Pakistan.”