Invest in KPK, Imran Khan explains Opportunities in KPK

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Dubai- Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan today urged foreign entrepreneurs, to invest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. He further added that security situation in the province is improving.

Addressing an investment conference in Dubai, Imran Khan said that level of violence is coming down in the region, as the United States was withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan.

Imran Khan told the participants that entrepreneurs as risk takers, this is the time to invest in KPK. He said that returns on investment are impressive in the KPK as reported ONLINE.

Khan said that investors typically look at security and level of governance, before investing in any particular country; adding security and governance both have improved in KPK.

“In KPK, governance standards have improved compared to other three provinces,” he said, adding security situation is also improving as the provincial police system was completely overhauled.

Since coming to power in KPK following May 2013 general elections, PTI-led government in KPK has set up a special Investment Promotion Cell seeking investment in sectors like energy, power, tourism, mines and minerals, health, education etc.

He said that Investment Conference was held in Dubai, due to security issues in Pakistan. He said that a separate office will be established in CM House for foreign investors. Imran Khan said that the purpose of his trip to Dubai is to bring investments for KPK.