Imran Khan Speaks Against Altaf Hussain on Baldia Town incident

Pakistan becomes tax free zone, Imran Khan

Islamabad- Seeking punishment for  MQM Chief Altaf Hussain Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said, Baldia Town factory fire was worst incident of Pakistan history as reported ONLINE.

Talking to media, Imran Khan said that Baldia Town factory fire was worst incident of Pakistan history. He asked the government to give punishment to Altaf Hussain, in Baldia Town factory fire case.

Imran Khan still furious over the language used by Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain against female workers of the PTI said, “I have never heard such language being used on TV anywhere in the world.” The PTI chairman emphasized that he would not tolerate such derogatory language being used against women.

Khan was critical of Pemra’s failure to take any action when Altaf Hussain’s speech was being broadcasted. Khan said, he would be responding to the MQM and announcing the future course of action. The PTI chief also said that he would be travelling to Karachi.

The PTI chief said he would be filing a defamation case against Altaf Hussain who had used derogatory language, to describe female PTI workers during a speech. Imran Khan also called upon the MQM to separate itself from Altaf Hussian and its armed wing.