Imran Khan is enough in politics and I will continue to support him, Reham Khan

I Trust and Love Imran Khan, Reham Khan

Karachi- Reham Khan, wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan has said she needs no invitation to come to Karachi, because Karachi is her own city as reported by ONLINE

Reham Khan said this while talking to journalists at Karachi airport today. She held “it would have been better, if attitude of Altaf Hussain had been the same a few days back, what it is today. To me MQM attitude is like that, first strike a slap and then demonstrate love. It is not known why the gesture of good will has come to open from MQM so late. I fear MQM positive attitude does not change.

She said “it is my desire that women should exercise their right to vote, in maximum number in by polls. I have come to Karachi with this spirit. I have come here to support Imran Khan.” She went on to say, Karachi city was ignored for long time. The political atmosphere goes deteriorated, where political workers are attacked.

To a question she said “only Imran Khan is enough in politics and I will continue to support him. It pains me, when discrimination is made on linguistic basis and names of nations are mentioned, on the basis of language.”

Responding to a question she said “there are several things common between PTI and MQM.”