History is being authored in Pakistan,Imran Khan

A Mexican standoff in Pakistan

Islamabad: PTI chairman Imran Khan has said Judicial Commission (JC) decision will be accepted at every cost as reported by ONLINE.

“History is being authored in Pakistan. We will accept JC decision at every cost. I want to appreciate Pakistanis who staged dharna for 126 days”, he said this while talking to media men here Thursday after appearing before JC.

He stated that a pre-scanning report has been obtained from the Election Tribunal (ET). This report highlights three facts; that extra ballot papers were printed, ballot papers of the same serial number got printed at  30 polling stations and ballot papers of 50 polling stations were changed with each other. Ballot papers at 45 polling stations could not be found and they were misplaced.

He pointed out that the PTI is going to file the petition with respect to by-polls in Mandi Baha ud Din. PML-N ministers are running the campaign on government vehicles and this way pre polls rigging is being committed.

Answering a question about rigging in NA-125, he said that PML-N says that rigging has been proved in NA-125 but they cannot be blamed for it. On the other hand, they have been opposing the JC.  Now JC will prove who was behind polls rigging in NA-125 and in whose favor the rigging was done.

“I went to chairman NADRA a day before to ask from him why he has not presented with the report so far and if he was facing any pressure in this respect. PML-N, through a misconception, mounted pressure on chairman NADRA and forced him to hold a press conference.”