Bangladesh Security Forces Misbehaves PIA Officials

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Karachi – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Thursday suspended its flight service to Bangladesh after security forces mistreated one of its officials in Dhaka as reported by Agencies.
According to reports, security forces raided the house of PIA country manager in Bangladesh, Ali Abbas, three days ago and harassed him and his family members.
The security forces also checked a PIA flight (PK-266) and harassed passengers. The plane only left for Karachi from Dhaka after a three-hour delay. Several other raids were conducted on PIA officers’ houses in Dhaka.
PIA, while expressing serious concerns over the misconduct by Dhaka security officials, has suspended its operations to and from Bangladesh. After the reports emerged, PIA on Thursday suspended its flight PK-266, which was supposed to take off from Karachi Airport to Dhaka.
A PIA spokesperson, while confirming the suspension of flight operations to Bangladesh, said Dhaka’s security forces had been harassing PIA staff and passengers but government authorities were turning a deaf ear to their complaints.
He said flights could not be resumed under the current circumstances. The PIA spokesperson also confirmed that Abbas had gone to Karachi before the flight services were suspended.
Meanwhile, the Pakistani government has contacted Bangladesh High Commission, seeking clarification on Bangladeshi security agencies action, Foreign Office spokesperson Tasneem Aslam said during a weekly briefing in Islamabad.