Women’s cricket team member Nida Dar allegation against brother-in-law

Women’s cricket team member Nida Dar allegation against brother-in-law

GUJARANWALA: Giving heart-rending details of domestic abuse inflicted upon her, National women’s cricket team member Nida Dar Saturday alleged that her former brother-in-law (sister’s husband) had subjected her to horrific physical torture at gunpoint on Eid-ul-Fitr, according to local TV channel.

“Armed with guns, Junaid Sindhu along with four of his accomplices broke into our house on July 29, 2014. He viciously brutalized me threatening to shoot me to death if I protested against him. He ripped my clothes, beat me in my face, on my arms, legs, everywhere”, a teary-eyed Dar told a local TV channel.

Tired of being a victim of domestic violence Dar’s sister Mosia had filed a divorce case against Sindhu in March. According to sources, Dar got dragged into the case for standing by her sister’s side.

“A vengeful Sindhu believes I am the reason he lost his wife. In fact, it is his inhuman treatment towards Mosia that put an end to their marriage”, the national cricketer said.

Speaking on the occasion, Dar’s sister Mosia said that even police were not cooperating with them.

“Despite fulfilling all the legal requirements the accused has yet arrested. More aptly put, cops are unwilling to take any action even five days after lodging a case against the attackers”, said Mosia.

The all-rounder has appealed to the government to provide her with justice as well as protection as her tour to Australia was drawing close.

“If I keep running between stationhouses and courts like this then how am I going to prepare for the upcoming series? I request Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif to intervene. I want peace of mind so that I can focus on cricket”, Dar said.

Vowing to visit Australia, come what may, Dar said that her personal matters had nothing to do with cricket.

“I have no complaints with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as this is a private issue that needs to be resolved between my family and Sindhu”, Dar said.