WHO warns Pakistan against Ebola

Ebola health crisis in Africa

ISLAMABAD (NNI)- World Health Organization has warned today that Ebola virus might spread to Pakistan sooner or later.

Speaking to British media, WHO Representative in Pakistan Dr Michel Thieren said that since Ebola virus was spreading faster across the world, Pakistan was also at a high risk of it. He suggested Pakistan government to take speedy precautionary measures and steps against the deadly disease.

According to Dr Michel, international passengers can carry the virus anywhere they travel. Michel stated that no measures at the airport can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading in the country. Enhanced screening for Ebola can be introduced at airports though. Therefore, government can’t be held responsible for it.

However, raising awareness about the possible indications of the virus amongst the masses and the security officials at the airport can be the most effective way to defend against Ebola.

Earlier, the Ministry of National Health on Wednesday prepared an emergency plan to deal with the Ebola virus; as per which, the incoming passengers from African countries will be screened and medical personnel will be trained.

According to the details, a high level meeting to discuss how to deal with the deadly Ebola virus took place in Islamabad. The meeting approved creation of ‘Ebola counters’ at the airports, temporary clinics and special wards in the hospitals.

It was also decided that the Pakistan army personnel arriving from the peace keeping mission would be monitored for twenty one days. The provincial governments had also been directed to arrange screening and monitoring of passengers coming from African countries. World Health Organization’s (WHO) Dr Michel has already termed Ebola virus a big threat and recommended training of medical staff. As per WHO, there are no Ebola affected patients in Pakistan right now, however, if even a single affected patient entered in country without screening can cause the outbreak.