Terrorism in the family

Terrorism in the family

By Moudy Al-Zahrani

The violence we see daily in some homes come from unstable families and have nothing to do with our religion. They also have nothing to do with our morals as Muslims, especially because many of these practices are not accepted by religion or the mind and cannot be tolerated by any human heart.

This is usually the case when these actions come from people living together but hate one another. Their minds contrive to hurt those close to them, especially the women living with them. The case is so, particularly in broken families, after marriages fail.

Many heads of these families brag about their devotion to Islam although their conducts are way away from it. The difference between belief and conduct is a bad omen for the coming generations, which could be a victim of parental disputes. When the child wakes up to parental quarrels and the disputes reach the courts for the custody of a child, the child feels threatened and losses peace of mind. The child, thus, become emotionally unstable.

This threat and terror that children face, especially from their fathers who have separated from the kids’ mothers, is the worst kind of terror and is the most serious for the young. The reason is that it provides society with disturbed children, emotionally and psychologically.

Family terrorism by some fathers deprives children of their basic rights, which include the mothers’ right to visit them for months or even years. The fathers strive to distort the image of their wives in the minds of their children in order to alienate them from the kids. Such practices will not stop unless they are penalized sternly to protect the oppressed children.

Nothing can deter this kind of fathers unless stern penalties are imposed on them in keeping with the Shariah that should guide a Muslim society to have mercy and solidarity toward one another and not to deprive the weak of their rights. The Surah (Chapter of the Qur’an) has provided protection for divorcees, like not being evicted from their homes, so they can live decent lives.

Regrettably, many men who divorce their wives do not follow the teachings of Islam and become wild creatures abusing their children and their mothers. They free themselves from their religious and humanitarian duties when they kick their wives out of the  house in the middle of the night.

This usually drives the woman to go to the police to seek protection or to the courts for redress. Unfortunately, some judges do not look at the child’s interest but that of the father’s instead. Therefore, do not be surprised to see the violent tendency among the youths. They are products of broken homes and oppression of children who suffered a series of psychological terror.

Courtesy saudigazette