Security forces foil attack on Quetta airbases

Security forces  foil attack on Quetta airbases

Police battled gunmen armed with automatic weapons, grenades and wearing suicide vests after thwarting two separate attacks on military airbases, killing eight of the attackers, as reported by news agencies. 

 14 people including 12 security officials also sustained injuries in the the shootouts.

 Officials said Samungli airbase, which is used by the Pakistan Air Force, and Khaild military airbase were the targets of the attack, and said fighting was ongoing nearby.

 The military airbases are some 12 kilometres (seven miles) apart in Quetta. “Exchange of fire is going on near both the airbases, six terrorists have so far been killed,” Sarfaraz Bugti, provincial home minister told a foreign news agency.

 “The target of the attacks were both the airbases but police and security forces thwarted the attacks,” Bugti added. Mohammad Amlish, provincial police chief told the news agency that seven security personnel including four police, and three soldiers have been wounded in the gunbattle.