Recite Quran in front of police : Qadri

Recite Quran infront of police   Qadri

Lahore- Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri today ordered his followers to return their home towns to observe Yom-e-Shuhda in their native places, according to online.

Speaking to journalists, furious Qadri said that after the worst cruel and barbarism practiced on his followers and PAT workers by Punjab police, he advised all workers to return to their native towns and observe Yom-e-Shuhda on August 10 in their respective areas.

The cleric said that the constitution has been suspended in Punjab province since last four days. He said Punjab police has opened direct fire on PAT workers which resulted killing of seven more workers added that now Shahbaz Shrif became killer of his 21 workers.

Qadri accused that 15 to 20 thousand workers have been arrested by the police while thousands others wounded in clashed with police.

The PAT chief said there was no water, food, fuel and electricity available in the whole area around his secretariat in Model Town added that the heartless government planning massacre.

“This is the path of revolution, and each step you take will go down in history,” he said while addressing a press conference late on Friday night.

Qadri said that he had given personal assurance that there would be no violence and aggression, if the Punjab government removed all barricades it has placed to stop the PAT workers from reaching Lahore but police on order of CM opened direct fire on workers.

He said the families of the victims of the June 10 Model Town incidents were still awaiting justice but they have been denied their constitutional right. “Whereas, those who committed the act of violence against innocent civilians have instead lodged FIR against the PAT workers, who were just defending themselves and were unarmed,” he added. He termed the Punjab government an ‘internal terrorist’. “This government has been funding the terrorists and now carrying out state terrorism itself,” he added.

He asked his followers not to worry and keep their hopes high. He said there would be prosperity after the revolution. “Our march will continue till the fall of the present government. This is the last opportunity for the people of Pakistan to get rid of the cruel rulers and they should not lose it,” he added. Qadri said Punjab government had ordered his security company to remove his private guards.