PTI Forward Bloc

Double standed   govt and PTI sit in with New Pakistan

ISLAMABAD- As many as 11 MNAs from PTI have contacted PML-N and they have refused to tender resignations from National Assembly (NA) as per party policy as reported ONLINE.

According to sources, the dissident group of PTI is the root cause of the game being played between government and PTI on the issue of resignations. PTI wants to get the resignations accepted of its legislators before a dissident group come to open. On the other hand government is waiting for the time when PTI forward bloc attains the required strength as per 18th amendment of constitution.

A 13-member dissident group led by Gulzar Khan, an MNA from Peshawar emerged in PTI but this group came to fore without any political planning. When its members realized that their strength was minimal and party could defeat them from NA than three members including Gulzar Khan, Nasir Khattak and Musarrat Zeb parted ways with the party and 10 MNAs remained in the party.

Sources said that besides three MNAs who had parted ways with PTI, 11 other members were also in contact with PML-N and they had said they would not resign from their seats. A handful of members in KPK assembly from PTI are in contact with Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

Nawaz Sharif is however not agreeing to the stance of dissident members and he is of the opinion that if the strength of the dissident group becomes equal to what was desired in 18th amendment of the constitution then they should form forward bloc and government would extend no help to them.

A source privy to PML-N said Nawaz Sharif is of the view that PTI led government  should complete its tenure in KPK so that people could come to know that how a party  which could not fulfill its pledges in a province can control the whole country. If PTI government is pulled down now then PTI will have an excuse that it was not allowed to do work.

One federal minister said that if Nawaz Sharif agreed then more than half members of PTI will say goodbye to party but Prime Minister wants to avoid any foul play.