New Samsung Galaxy A smartphone series

New Samsung Galaxy A smartphone series

By James Geddes

Samsung is reportedly preparing to introduce the Galaxy A series in the coming weeks. Three smartphones are planned at different price points and will incorporate the Galaxy Alpha’s premium metal design.

When HTC debuted the original HTC One at Mobile World Congress in 2013, the company proved that the design of the smartphone was just as important as the specs powering the device. The HTC One deviated from the sea of plastic Android smartphones, including many popular flagship smartphones at the time, like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC took a page out of Apple’s handbook and used a unibody aluminum case with curves that felt great in the hand and the smartphone’s specifications impressed Android fans and consumers. The HTC One began HTC’s return to being a serious player in the smartphone world. The HTC One M8 improved on its predecessor, is selling extremely well, and we were thoroughly impressed with the brushed-aluminum wrapped smartphone when we had the opportunity to review it.

Samsung has finally caught on to the fact that smartphones have become one of the most used devices a person uses throughout the day and design is extremely important. The realization was evidenced in its just announced iPhone 5s-inspired, ultra-thin and metal-framed Galaxy Alpha.

A new report claims that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is actually the first smartphone in the company’s upcoming Galaxy A series. SamMobile has learned that there will be three smartphones introduced in the coming weeks and carry the model numbers; SM-A300, SM-A500, and SM-A700. The site’s source says the smartphone’s will “cover various price points.”

The site points out that the SM-A500 has already made an appearance of Samsung’s mobile site, which confirms it will feature a 1080p Full HD display. The SM-A300 will reportedly feature a lower resolution 960 x 540 display to keep costs down, while the SM-A700 will reportedly use a FULL HD panel. The Galaxy A series are also said to have better front-facing cameras when compared to current Samsung smartphones, in addition to a metal-framed body.

An official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy A series is expected in the coming weeks, likely after the Sept. 3 introduction of the Galaxy Note 4. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available.