Nawaz Sharif plays blame game during national security: Shireen Mazari

Nawaz Sharif plays blame game during national security  Shireen Mazari

ISLAMABAD- Central Information Secretary PTI, Shireen Mazari today categorically stated that PTI had never sent any proposal to the government including the Prime Minister regarding 10 constituencies or any other point of compromise, reported  by NNI.

In a statement, she reminded that Chairman Imran Khan had made the Party’s position very clear in his press conference on Friday, where he stated that all demands would be put forward on 14 August when the Azadi March arrives in Islamabad, so the question of 10 constituencies was absurd.

Mazari also stated that the PM should not be using the issue of national security as a means of plugging his political agenda and personal security and fears over the PTI Azadi March. If he was serious about a National Security Conference then surely the CAS, CNS, the Chairman JCSC should all have been there. It is highly irresponsible to toy with the idea of national security for political point scoring and photo ops.

Mazari said the PTI Azadi March was going to take place and all demands will be put forward then.

Mazari also condemned in the strongest terms the fascist tendencies of the Punjab government which is pushing the government towards derailment of democracy. This is simply unacceptable.