Millions will head towards for Azaadi March

Millions   will head towards   for Azaadi March

ISLAMABAD: PTI’s Saif ullah Khan Niazi on Wednesday strongly condemned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif statement that ‘some persons can’t change the mandate given by millions of people’.

Chief Organizer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) Azaadi March Saif ullah Khan Niazi said Millions of people rather than some will head towards Islamabad for Azaadi March.

Saif ullah Khan said that we don’t want to derail democracy and the motive of Azzadi March is to get back the stolen mandate.

He said that Azaadi March is being organized to stabilize democracy so no one can theft public’s mandate in future elections.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Peoples’ Party Leader Sharjeel Memon also criticized government decision of handing over federal capital’s security to Pakistan Army by saying that government wants to counter political power with the support of Army.

He said tackling political protest with the help of Army is not fair as it should be dealt politically.