Microsoft announces Nokia 130

Microsoft announces Nokia 130

By Menchie Mendoza

Realizing that there is an increasing growth of super affordable mobile phones, Microsoft decided to jump into the bandwagon with the Nokia 130. Designed to introduce first time phone users to new digital experiences, the new phone has the daily essentials that mobile buyers are looking for in their first handset.

The Nokia 130 features a built-in video player cum music player that can deliver an uninterrupted playback of up to 46 hours on a single charge. The everyday essentials would include an FM radio, a rear flashlight, and USB charging. It’s a perfect introduction phone to the expanding world of mobile devices.

Users can also have other media access options such as an SD card and Bluetooth that is equipped with SLAM technology, delivering some independence from an Internet connection. Other notable features include standby times of up to 36 days for the Nokia 130 and 26 days for the Dual SIM model. Both models have a talk time of up to 13 hours on a single battery charge.

The phones are aimed largely at emerging markets. However, Microsoft noticed that even developed countries offer some opportunities for people who would like to have a back-up phone. VP Jo Harlow of the Microsoft phone unit explains that the company sees itself to be part of a long term commitment to this side of the business.

“Microsoft doesn’t have any other project that can reach these consumers,” said Harlow. “These consumers will create a Microsoft account and become part of the Microsoft ecosystem.”

According to Harlow, there are more than a billion people that don’t have a cellphone. This means that the basic phone business remains at a “stable and growing” phase as compared to the feature phone segment which seemed to go on a decline.

Microsoft describes the phone as “the most affordable mobile phone with video and music player.” With a price tag set at $25 (€19), it may have certain limit in its functions. The basic color display-enabled phone of 1.8 inch is also designed with an MP3 player.

Though some may be unimpressed with the specs, the new Nokia device still looks interesting as it appears to deviate from the norm of Windows Phone. It’s due to be released in the current quarter and will be available in a trio of colors (red, white, and black). Customers can choose to have either the single SIM or the dual SIM version. Microsoft hasn’t disclosed yet those markets where the phone is expected to be released. Some analysts are suggesting that perhaps the new Nokia 130 will land in Latin America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Africa.