Govt releases 100m to crush Azadi march

Govt releases 100m to crush Azadi march

The district administration of Islamabad has asked for Rs 100 million from Interior Ministry for the security of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s “Azadi March”, according to local news agency.

The district administration has asked to provide extra armed vehicles, tear gas shells and prisoner vans.

Sources told that for ensuring the security and for peace, 10,000 security personnel will be deployed. As many as 4,000 police individuals from Azad Kashmir and Punjab Police will also perform their duties.

According to administration participants of Azadi March will not face any problem on entrance while after complete checking they will be allowed to go through from a central way.

The participants who will damage private or government property will be taken into custody.

Moreover, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been directed to provide drinking water to the participants of Azadi March who will be restricted to Jinnah Avenue instead of D-Chowk.