Government will have to go, by hook or by crook, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad

Sheikh Rashid warns govt for the upcoming consequences

LAHORE- Awami Muslim League (AML) chairman Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said, if some tries to clash we will blow him out as reported ONLINE.

“As far as deterioration in situation is concerned, if someone tries to clash, he will be blown out”, he said while talking to journalists day.

He went on to say “complete strike in Lahore has proved that people of Lahore don’t accept government of rigging. Lahore has really proved today that it is Leningrad. PML-N and efforts of police and administration have met failure,” he added.

“The scale at which enormous support has been lent by PML-N four ministers including Rana Sana Ullah, Pervez Rashid, Saad Rafiq and Abid Ali to Imran Khan ‘plan C’ I am thankful to them,” he added.

Whatever Pervez Rashid wills to say let him say, we had not demanded any curfew. We gave call for strike and complete strike is being observed here. PTI has demonstrated morality of highest order. Attempts were made for opening educational institutions forcibly, he stated. Attempt for plying metro bus service on road forcibly met failure and metro bus service came to halt, he added.

Responding to a question he said talks are in favor of government. If Judicial Commission (JC) comes into being I say with certainty that next year will be election year. Government will have to go, he added.