Faisalabad Shut down will shake the rigged government

Shahbaz tenders his resignation

FAISALABAD- PTI workers will close down nine important entry and exit points of Faisalabad on Monday as reported ONLINE.

As per sources, meeting of provincial office bearers and local leaders of PTI Faisalabad chapter was held under PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry. It was decided in the meeting that PTI workers, would shut down nine points of Faisalabad on December 8. Protest will be peaceful. No one will be forced to shut down shops.
The points which will be closed down include motorway interchange Sargodha, Gutt wala pull, Nishat Abad, Nishat Abad, Narwala road, Chenab chowk, Abdullah Pur, Daewo road, Koh Noor chowk and Novelty pull.

The protest has to be led by Imran Khan who will address a public meeting in Kutchery Bazaar.