Dacoits and robbers are united, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad

Sheikh Rashid warns govt for the upcoming consequences

ISLAMABAD- Chairman Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said, no talks are underway with government as it is not serious in holding talks as reported ONLINE.

“This was to be made clear in the parliament that dialogue of any kind is not taking place with government. Government should not remain under any delusion that we will backtrack from strikes. We will not go back at any cost unless our demands are met,” he said this while talking to media men outside parliament house Friday.
“My meeting with speaker national assembly has remained restricted to only exchanging salam and there is no substance in the reports, that I have come to parliament for talks. Speaker’s seat itself is controversial,” he underlined.
“It seems as if government wants to have clash in Faisalabad. We will not force any one to shut down one’s shop during strike in Faisalabad on Monday but if someone tries to force any one to open the shops we will not allow to do so”, he held.

All the dacoits and robbers are united under the banner of democracy; he said adding Nawaz Sharif himself gave the calls for strike during 1990 decade. When Imran Khan has now given call for strike, Nawaz Sharif has become seized with the thought of saving democracy, he remarked.