Chaos in Multan amusement park

Chaos in Multan amusement park

MULTAN: Authorities were forced to evacuate a bustling amusement park after receiving a bomb threat here on Tuesday night, according to private TV channel.

Following the announcement, hundreds of panicked visitants including women and children stampeded towards the exit of Shah Shams Park causing many to trip over, get trampled, and sustain injuries.

 “The park, which spans over many acres, was jam-packed with recreating local residents –mostly families–as it was the Eid holiday”,

An official said that it was a normal protocol for bomb threats, but with so many rides to inspect a final security clearance would take quite a while.

“We have started combing it for explosives, but have found nothing so far. The search will continue until every nook and cranny of the park is cleared”, said he.

He further added that Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) was on its way.

The threat was made over the phone.