Burning alive a pregnant women

Burning alive a pregnant women

KABUL- A court in Kabul sentenced a man to death for burning alive a pregnant women who was his close relative, according to news agency.

The verdict was issued during a primary court hearing today in the fourth police district of Kabul city.

The convict, Mohammad, was found guilty of burning alive his brother’s pregnant wife whose unborn baby was also lost due to severe burns the victim had suffered, Tolo News reported.

The main motive which forced Mohammad to burn alive his brother’s wife is not clear. This comes as the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan (AIHRC) said violence against women in Afghanistan reached record levels in 2013.

AIHRC released figures regarding the growing violence against women in Afghanistan later last year, which showed a 25 percent increase in brutal and frqeuent attacks on women. According to AIHRC, the incidents included the cutting of women’s noses, lips and ears, and public rape.