Apple iPhone/Watch event leaves questions, disappointment in its wake

iWatch next to the iPhone 6 in September

One can only wonder what the late Apple founder Steve Jobs is thinking of the spectacular spectacle Tuesday as Apple unveiled the new iPhone and Watch devices.

It was the tech titan’s first massive launch for new CEO Tim Cook and company and gut instinct says Jobs is likely a bit peeved at missing what was likely one of his most favorite things to do as Apple’s innovative leader and likely a bit pissy about how it didn’t quite attain the perfection he was revered for, and at the same time, despised for by those who quite didn’t get his need for control.

Jobs wouldn’t have cared much that the technical live feed went amok. He knows diehard Apple fanatics would scramble to figure out how to deal with a fickle and frustrating feed that is now getting as much as attention as the sleek look of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

He may, however, be trying to figure out how to use some sort of telepathic sense to convo with Cook and company on why you never, never leave millions of fans and potential fans with more questions than answers when it comes to introducing compelling technology and what are clearly revolutions to come regarding consumer behavior, such as mobile payment.

So in the wake of one of the longest keynotes ever for Apple at least, and as the analysis wave is gearing up, it’s a good time to list out what we didn’t hear from Apple, questions that demand answers and ponder why Apple managed to keep the iPhone price point down but slapped a huger sticker price on its first-ever wearable Watch device that requires an iPhone.

Battery life? Who cares, says Apple

The biggest iPhone complaint has always been its insane short battery life. It’s the bane of being an iPhone user and it’s likely the number one reason iPhone users jump to Samsung, and may soon be jumping to Motorola’s lineup. It’s one thing not to do anything to improve the iPhone’s biggest weakness point but it’s another to completely ignore the issue during a massive product launch–especially when you’re trying to entice Apple fans and wearable fitness fanatics to spend $350 for the Watch. Most iPhone users still wear a traditional watch because the iPhone battery goes dead so fast they need a traditional timepiece as part of the daily routine. Not to even address the issue is insulting and smug.

Fashion show or tech show? Just a red carpet was missing.

The biggest lure for watching the launch was Apple’s foray into the revolutionary wearables market. After all Samsung’s already got six wearable fitness and health bands out on the streets and Apple has zip. But watching Cook and company introduce Watch was as riveting as watching a fashion show for many. It was all about style, color, band swatches. Then finally talk turned to the tech and it became abundantly clear that ease of use was last on the list of product features, well down the list given the thought and focus on the ‘fashionista’ aspect of Watch. Sure it’s beautiful, but for those with average hands and fingertips good luck trying to manipulate all those tiny tap and push sensors without crying with frustration on a daily basis. ‘Bigger than Bigger,’ the iPhone 6 mantra, clearly wasn’t shared with the Watch development team. Let’s hope Apple figures out some stylist or fashionista pen accessory to make the Watch actually usable once it debuts in 2015 and it’d better come free as Apple hasn’t yet mentioned the cost of true Watch customization. Watch likely comes with the basic standard band, but no mention of what the other bands and customizable aspects will cost on top of the $350 starting price.

Fashion show yes, but no fashion to speak of

While the Watch presentation had all the makings of a typical New York fashion show, missing just the catwalk runway, one had to wonder who dressed those presenting innovation Tuesday. It’s likely many wondered given the down feed time had minds wandering. Jobs had to be cringing from the moment Cook took the stage and especially aghast at Eddy Cue’s neon pink attire. It was riveting and so unusual for Apple guru attire to actually become a distraction from what gurus are talking about or even holding in their hands during a presentation.

Fallon, Timberlake now voice over actors. Hello?

As part of its presentation Apple unveiled upcoming commercial spots. Again, often one of the most creative and interesting launch aspects for Apple but this time clearly Apple stepped out of his realm. Who knew Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake had voice-over talent? No one. That’s because the duo is know for their intrinsical amazing chemistry when doing comic sketches that border on the ultra silly. And what does Apple do with such an amazing chemistry? They reduce it to a voice over that no one in the audience can identify and Cook is forced to actually reveal the actors behind the spot. Not a sterling moment. It’ll be interesting if those ads now even hit the airwaves. If it’s a dud with the Apple cult base, it’s not going to do any better with the real world.