A man with steel nerves, Imran Khan, Let see who rules the world

Imran Khan calls for show of strength

LAHORE- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan today recorded his statement before the election tribunal, hearing his petition challenging results of NA-122 elections, where National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq stood victor against him as reported ONLINE.

Recording his statement after taking oath, Khan said that results of various polling stations were changed while there were a lot of votes which were cast without identity cards. He further claimed that the PTI polling agents received threats before the voting.

The cricketer-turned politician further said that the documents of the results don’t bear the signatures of PTI polling agents. “Scrutiny of each ballot paper is necessary,” Khan added.

Ahead of his arrival, groups of PTI supporters gathered at the election commission office and chanted ‘Go Nawaz go’ slogans. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supporters also arrived outside the office and competed with PTI supporters.
Supporters and unauthorized persons were not allowed to enter the election commission office and the police have taken measures to prevent supporters from doing so.

Ahead of his departure for Lahore, Imran addressed the media and claimed that all elections held in the country, with the exception of the 1970 elections, were subjected to rigging.

“Even those who have won the elections will say that rigging has taken place,” he said, adding that he was hopeful that there would be justice following the tribunals.